About Us

We combine engineering and field experience to offer a unique new perspective on how to properly maintain and preserve equipment. This is the primary focus of High-Tech Subsea. While other companies offer this service, it is not their priority, as it is ours. We begin with sound maintenance and preservation practices; then we combine this with the latest in new and innovative technologies to offer what will soon be seen as the industry standard in subsea services. 

Who we are and what we do:

  • A non-affiliated aftermarket support service provider with expertise in asset integrity management of subsea equipment.
  • Set the standard for proper maintenance and preservation of equipment.
  • Build customer relations through quality service and support.
  • Uphold a systematic approach based on reasoning and substantive evidence from experience and a proven track record.
  • Employ uncompromised methods ensuring the highest quality in our service.
  • Maintain data collection and trending of vital indicators of equipment health and reliability.

Asset integrity management the right way.

Mission Statement

At High-Tech Subsea, we strive to:

Consistently increase reliability of subsea assets.

Drive value to our customers with total dedication to their interests.

Innovate and collaborate with the highest caliber individuals, internal and external.

Be the industry leader in asset integrity management of subsea equipment.

Customer success is the only priority.

Core Values







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